Patient Testimonials – Advanced Audiology of NY

“I had a problem, and I knew it. I could hear quite well, I told myself, but then I was missing sections of conversation that seemed garbled. I received a “mailer” from a place call Advanced Audiology of NY in Tuckahoe, NY. I had never heard of them, but I’d give them a try. I was under no obligation, so why not. Here’s the little story of a journey that changed my life- for the better!
Everything starts at the reception desk- it sets the tone for the patient’s visit. I have grown accustomed to receiving a perfunctory greeting and told to take a seat. But this time, it was something new- one young woman who actually smiled and was friendly- and even had time for a few words with me. A good start, I thought.
When my turn came, Dr. Ruiz took a detail case history, examined my ears, and administered a hearing test. I felt all was very thorough and all very efficient. Dr. Ruiz explained in detail, the results of my hearing test and why my hearing was diminishing. How long has it been since a doctor took the time to explain anything to you?
Dr. Ruiz then recommended the open-fit receiver in the ear system. Totally discreet- a small instrument that fits nearly behind each ear from which a transparent wire is inserted into the ear to magnify the sound. These instruments are barely detectable to view- and very comfortable! And they do the job magnificently well.
To sum up my story, the only disadvantage with the hearing instruments might be the short battery life (only about a week), but the batteries pop in and out so easily that this is hardly worth mentioning.
But the greatest advantage is knowing I have Advanced Audiology Of NY to turn to in case of a problem. These people receive my highest recommendation for a service they perform exceedingly well.”


“Dr. Ruiz was kind enough to take the time to explain my hearing loss, its causes and my options to improve my hearing. Together, we chose hearing aids that have been a blessing to me and my family. I can actually hear again and enjoy going out in public.”


“Dr. Ruiz gave me the ability to hear again. He has improved my self confidence and made communication with others enjoyable again.”


“I highly recommend Advanced Audiology Of NY. Dr. Ruiz is very friendly, understanding, welcoming, caring, and personable- as well as professional.”


“Advanced Audiology of NY was recommended to me by a friend. The Doctor, front desk, could not be more friendly or helpful. I would suggest this office to anyone!”


“While wearing the devices, hearing is so natural that you forget you have them on or that you even had a hearing problem. I used to wear old fashioned, in the ear hearing aids that gave me a plugged-up feeling and they just made everything louder, especially chewing sounds. Now, with the devices Dr. Ruiz recommended, I don’t hear myself chew and I am not all plugged-up. At work, I am able to communicate with customers without asking them to repeat themselves. Friends and family no longer are frustrated having to speak louder and repeating to me. Actually, I have asked them to speak softer. I have actually heard sounds that I did not know existed, like the mouse click on my computer. The decision to make an appointment to see Dr. Ruiz for my hearing was probably the most satisfying thing I have ever done for myself.”